We've had so many requests for supply lists from new goat owners over the years, we've decided to just make our lists available here on the website.  If nothing else, this will give you a good starting point.  Some items can be purchased locally.  Links to Hoeggers, Jeffers and Caprine Supply are located on our links page above.   EBay is a good place to watch for used clippers, Rhinehart dehorners and goat milking supplies and equipment.

Please do not consider this list all inclusive, as we may well have forgotten items!


Hoof clippers (we use the small green handled size for the ND's)

Small hoof rasp

Clippers (we use Shearmasters for body clips and Oster A5's for finishing head, neck, legs, udder, etc.)



Tattoo equipment (we currently use Jeffers "Small Animal Tattoo Outfit with .250 digits, but have used the Stone .300 kit in the past on the ND's and miniatures)

Disposable latex gloves for tattooing

Hay feeders

Grain feeders or pans

Mineral salt/baking soda feeders

Water buckets (heated for winter where needed)

Syringes and needles (we use 6 cc syringes and 22 gauge needles)

Alcohol wipes for use prior to injections

CDT injectible

B vitamin injectible (we give this orally with a syringe)

Probios gel or powder

Bloat medication

Goat Nutridrench

Large drenching syringe

Wound spray


Baby monitor

Heat lamp

Plastic navel clips (we sterilize these in rubbing alcohol)

Blunt sterile scissors for cutting navel

Lots of old towels and washcloths

Plastic garbage bag for afterbirth

Puppy training pads for catching kids and birthing fluids

Bulb syringe (for clearing kid's nasal passages)

Iodine spray or liquid (for dipping navels)

Bottles and nipples for feeding (we use Pritchard nipples on glass Jones pop bottles)

Kid feeding tube/syringe

Calcium paste or liquid injectible

Propylene glycol (or blend with this included)

Disposable latex gloves


Milking stand

Stainless steel milk bucket (preferably covered)

Stainless steel milking pans (small size for ND's or mini's)

Udder wipes (we use flannel cloth baby wipes in a plastic container with distilled water and lavender oil drops)

Stainless steel milk strainer

Disposable filters (we use cloth handkerchiefs that can be washed)

Glass containers for milk

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